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Bingham Designs & Builders

We at Bingham Designs are accustomed to working with builders and contractors. We’ve built up a reputation for quality and adherence to deadlines, and would love to explore more builder partnerships. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Some of what we can offer builders is:

  • Special pricing for whole house finish work
  • 5 teams of highly qualified finish carpenters who will help you keep your projects on schedule
  • Over 20 years experience working side by side with reputable builders
  • Special pricing on mantels
  • Custom mudroom builds
  • We supply and install finished beam wraps
  • Custom built floating stair treads
  • Butcher block tops
  • Inquire about other Custom Projects

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We’ll be happy to get back to you. The more details you can include in your message, the better we will be able to help!

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